Monday, April 9, 2007

Of Axes and Weevils.

Chris Mannion (Bush versus Benedict: Delusion Confronts Reality) raises a point I had made before ; that Mr. Bush's Weltanschauung, according to which an entirely good United States fights entirely evil enemies across the seas, is Manichean, in other words of Iranian origin. Do you think he understands the irony of his promoting a philosophy of Iranian heritage, and that Manichaeism is deemed a heresy in Christian theology?

Note that: In the years 384-388 a special sect of Manichæans arose in Rome called Martari, or Mat-squatters, who, supported by a rich man called Constantius, tried to start a sort of monastic life for the Elect in contravention of Mani's command that the Elect should wander about the world preaching the Manichæan Gospel. The new sect found the bitterest opposition amongst their co-religionists. In Rome they seem to have made extraordinary endeavors to conceal themselves by almost complete conformity with Christian customs.

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Anonymous said...

irony indeed.

But you probably meant, "across the seas." Not "across the sees is Manichean, that is of Iranian"

potpourri_for_sixteen_hundred said...

Yes, I hope it's clearer now.

potpourri_for_sixteen_hundred said...

... and thank you for your comment.