Saturday, April 21, 2007

Szent-Györgyi's Alpha and Beta States

Here's a concise summary of Szent-Györgyi's understanding of the alpha and beta states. The relevance to cancer may be apparent. Excerpted from and a synopsis of "Electronic Biology and Cancer; A New Theory of Cancer" by Albert Szent-Györgyi.

Properties of resting (ß) and proliferative (
α) states in cells (scroll down; blogspot does not like tables)

α Stateß State
High D/A, lowLow D/A, high pε
Unbridled proliferation
Regulation of cell division
Undifferentiated, molecular dispersionDifferentiated
lack of structuresinsoluble structures
Soluble proteinsInsoluble proteins
No contact inhibitionContact inhibition
No carbonylscarbonyls and carbonyl-biogen amine
Free SHComplexed SH
Anaerobic reactionsAerobic reactions
Closed-shell moleculesCharge transfer complexes
molecular reactionsFree radicals, electronic reactions
Structured waterRandom water
Lack of colorColored
Fetal proteinsNo fetal proteins

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